Jimmy Fallon Reunites Cast Of 'Saved By The Bell' In Epic Reenactment (Video)

It's all right, 'cause I'm saved by the bell!

Growing up, all 90s kids can agree that if there was one show we insisted on watching every morning before school, it was "Saved By The Bell."

I mean, Zack Morris was pretty much every Millennial male's hero. And what girl didn't want to be just like Kelly Kapowski or Jessie Spano? We all grew up at Bayside High.

Jimmy Fallon decided to bring the cast back last night, not just for a reunion, but to actually act out an entire sketch as if they were still at Bayside.

Sure, Zack had a few more wrinkles on his forehead, Kelly was preggers and Mr. Belding put on a pound or 50, but it otherwise really felt like an episode of "Saved By The Bell."

Pure genius!