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I'm Living For Jill Biden's Look At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Suuuuper classy.

by Ani Bundel

The Tokyo Olympics are here, and despite scrutiny due to COVID-related issues, so are the heads of state and representatives from around the world. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is in Tokyo for the opening ceremonies, representing the United States, and she’s brought her usual impeccable fashion sense with her. Biden’s outfit at the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony was a masterclass in black and white telegenic class. Check out her pearls, too!

Since becoming First Lady, Biden’s office has made the unusual move of not commenting on her fashion choices or putting out releases highlighting the designers she chooses to wear. It’s part of a move to modernize the First Lady position and move it away from the traditional clotheshorse space it once occupied. But that hasn’t stopped the public from watching what she wears closely or the First Lady from picking statement clothes.

As First Lady, Biden has a unique opportunity to influence the way women dress and raise the profile of American designers. And the Olympics Opening Ceremony is a moment where she’s on an international stage. With the games as her first solo international trip, of course, her outfit would matter. For the opening ceremony, Biden sported an eye-catching but dignified white dress with medium-sized black polka-dots, which she also wore just a month ago in Cornwall during the G7 Summit. The look comes from American designer Brandon Maxwell and is a subdued choice for Biden.

Dylan Martinez - Pool/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

She paired her black heels and clutch with a USA-branded mask. As for jewelry, she kept it simple with a triple strand of pearls.

Leon Neal/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Biden is also someone who proudly recycles her wardrobe and does not feel it necessary to change between events. Fans will note this polka dot dress already turned up once on her trip when she wore it earlier in the day to the Imperial Palace for a meeting with Japan's Emperor Naruhito.

Biden is leading the Olympic delegation during a difficult moment for the games. With cases on the rise in Tokyo, and a low vaccination rate in Japan overall, there are concerns the games could cause a spike in cases, leading to officials to declare a state of emergency in the city. Biden’s team has made sure to note everyone in her delegation is following strict COVID protocols while she is there and listening to health professionals to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.