Jessie James Decker And Eric Decker Just Defined Family Goals In One Photo


Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker continue to slay life as couple and family goals.

Gorgeous country singer Jessie James Decker recently debuted an adorable -- and super sexy -- music video featuring hubby Eric Decker.

Let's just say “Lights Down Low" was romantic enough to melt hearts everywhere.

Eric Decker was, in fact, steaming it up on camera ~shirtless~.

Things SERIOUSLY heated up quickly.

Their latest family photo is too adorable to handle. They even coordinated in Jets apparel, showing Eric Decker's squad some love.

Jessie also posted a picture of Eric and their son having quality bro time on the field. How cute are they?!

When Jessie isn't singing country hits, and Eric isn't on the field, the gorgeous couple is constantly proving why they're the ultimate #FamilyGoals.

We can always count on you to give us major goals, Deckers. Keep giving us inspo.