'Daily Show' Correspondent Schools Critics Of Beyoncé's 'Formation'

by Gillian Fuller

Beyoncé's “Formation” might be the single most badass, unapologetic and fierce song to hit the radio waves this century. It is, as many have said, a “black woman's call to arms.”

However, because (some) white men can't handle the thought of a powerful black woman (#masculinitysofragile, amiright?), many have also denounced the show-stopping anthem, as well as Bey's performance during the Super Bowl halftime show.

That's all coming to a screeching halt, thanks to "Daily Show" correspondent Jessica Williams.

On Monday's episode, the comedian perfectly explained why race is an integral part of the discussion surrounding Bey's performance and further shut down claims that the halftime show wasn't “wholesome” enough for American audiences.

Really, Williams' takedown was flawless, so I'll let her take it from here.

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