Jennifer Aniston Fans Freak The F*ck Out Over A Fake Wedding Dress Pic


After about a three-year engagement, Jennifer Aniston tied the knot with long-time beau Justin Theroux.

No pictures from the wedding have emerged, however, leaving fans with only their imaginations to dictate how they think the event went down. I, for one, imagine it was a magical evening culminating with a large group dancing number in a water fountain.

On Sunday, there was seemingly a break in the mystery of what Aniston looked like on her wedding day.

A Jennifer Aniston community fan page posted the following picture of what it claimed to be the star wearing her wedding dress and posing in front of the world's most ornate hallway table -- I would expect nothing less from Jennifer.

Posted by Jennifer Aniston on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Various outlets took the Facebook page's word as truth and posted saying this was indeed the dress Aniston wore to her nuptials.

OMG. Jennifer Aniston's *stunning* wedding dress has been revealed... http://t.co/zYXG4BnwUQ pic.twitter.com/Lwd4FzzOJf — LOOK magazine (@Lookmagazine) August 17, 2015
You have to see Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress! http://t.co/uC9Or8vibq — OK! Magazine (@OK_Magazine) August 16, 2015

Aniston fans were rightfully enamored by the gown.

Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress though — Abbie (@abbie_stretton) August 17, 2015
Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life — Han (@hannnnrobinson_) August 17, 2015

BuzzFeed reports the post was originally captioned with, “You have my whole heart for my whole life. #‎WeddingDress‬,” though the caption has since been removed from the photo.

It was probably removed because that caption is pretty corny, but more likely because THIS POST WAS A LIE, AND SHE DIDN'T WEAR THAT DRESS AND THERE ARE NO MORE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Aside from the fact this page is an unverified Facebook fan forum, a quick Google search shows the lady in this dress is clearly not Aniston.

It's a very pretty dress but for those tweeting about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress, it's not her pic.twitter.com/THslTXCIQq — Kimberley Dadds (@KimberleyDadds) August 16, 2015

This probably isn't even her ornate hallway table!

Loads of people tweeting about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress. It's not her. #google pic.twitter.com/xzDRJBomac — Andy Halls (@AndyBizarre) August 16, 2015

The Internet is now doubting whether it will ever have the capacity to trust anything in the future.

Nooooo the picture of Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress is fake — Becca Leak (@beccaleakage) August 17, 2015
As if that pic of Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress is fake — Sophie (@m4gners) August 17, 2015

This dress and picture are reportedly from a 2014 photo series for Israeli designer Dimitrius Dalia.

I've lost the ability to believe in Jennifer Aniston Facebook fan pages. I've been burned one too many times.

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