Jenna Dewan responded to JoJo Siwa's TikTok that named Dewan as a pivotal figure in Siwa's "gay awak...

Jenna Dewan Responded To JoJo Siwa Citing Her As Her "Gay Awakening"

This is so pure.

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Is there any greater honor than being the main character in someone else’s “gay awakening?” Ask Jenna Dewan, because it turns out, she played a big role in JoJo Siwa’s journey to understanding her sexuality. After Siwa revealed how the Step Up star caused a huge moment of realization in her, Jenna Dewan responded to JoJo Siwa’s TikTok about her “gay awakening,” leading to a seriously cute interaction.

Siwa opened up about a moment that helped her realize her attraction to women in an Oct. 5 TikTok, nailing the recent trend that prompts users to share a surprising story about themselves to the instrumental tune of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl.” Usually, the videos are funny stories that leave you feeling light-hearted, but Siwa took a different route and aced the trend with a story that is both feel-good and funny, and Jenna Dewan is at the heart of it all.

First, Siwa credited Demi Lovato’s song “Cool For The Summer” as a clue that she was probably gay, but it was watching Dewan’s Magic Mike-inspired performance in a 2016 episode of Lip Sync Battle a million times that made her realize her sexuality. “I pretty much watched it every day... little me, she didn't know she was gay!”

As if that’s not a cute enough story about Siwa’s “gay awakening,” it reached Dewan’s radar and she responded with a stitch to Siwa’s TikTok. Dewan doesn’t say anything during the TikTok, only reacting to Siwa’s storytelling; when her name is mentioned, she gushes with gratitude and left Siwa with a personal message — “Jojo I have never been more honored.” Aw.

Of course, Siwa couln’t contain her excitement when Dewan noticed her and commented, “ICONNNNNN FOREVERRRRRR.”

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In the past, Siwa has had to clarify the label she uses to define her sexuality. When asked if she identified as a lesbian in a July 25 interview with Yahoo! Life, she responded “I don't like the word itself. It's just like a lot, it's like the word ‘moist.’ It's just like... ugh!” But she clarified quickly that she does not believe the term lesbian is a slur, a bad word, or something someone should be offended by. “I never said that 'lesbian' was a dirty word. I never would say that it's a dirty word because it is not.” After clearing the air, Siwa has since continued to post content that creates a safe place for her fans to speak and exist freely as exactly who they are.

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Dewan probably had no idea she played such a pivotal role in Siwa’s life, but there really is no denying the power of her “Pony” dance. Maybe this sweet interaction will lead to the two performing the iconic number together some day.