Jason Sudeikis' Son Has No Clue How To Use A Lightsaber And It's Adorable

Kids these days (or “youts” as my grandfather would call them) love “Star Wars,” but the youngest youts (am I using it right?) don't fully understand it.

Jason Sudeikis visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and told the host he tried to introduce his son, Otis, to the Force by bringing home three lightsabers for the family.

Otis, however, didn't quite grasp the concept of space-age weaponry and, instead, opted for some light spring cleaning.

Honestly, the idea of a child who LOVES cleaning to the point where even play time is an opportunity to spruce things up is an absolute dream.

Get that tiny, beautiful star baby a DustBuster, and let him spend his spare time how he wanna.