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This Ted Lasso Episode 2 Twist Is Going To Make Things Very Messy

Because even a feel-good show like this needs some drama.

by Ani Bundel
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Warning: Spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 2 follow. When Ted Lasso’s second season premiered, AFC Richmond was busying having a historic string of ties. But even more shocking, former teammate Jamie Tartt wasn’t even playing. Tarrt, who moved to Manchester City at the end of Season 1, had exited football for a new venture: reality TV. But by Episode 2, he was back and looking to get onto the field. But Jamie Tartt’s return to AFC Richmond on Ted Lasso won’t be an easy path for anyone.

When Season 2 premiered, fans discovered Tarrt had gone AWOL from Manchester City and was starring in everyone’s favorite dating program, Lust Conquers All (a clear and delightful parody of Love Island). But although Tarrt is excellent at scoring on the pitch, his game with the voting public wasn’t nearly so smooth, leading to a shocking mid-season ouster. Even worse, when he hit the morning talk show circuit to discuss his ejection, he learned Man City had already declared they weren’t taking him back as a player.

With nowhere to go and no club willing to talk to him, Tarrt was faced with two options: Star in a drug-fueled reality series or come crawling back to Richmond. He met with Ted at the local pub to see if there was an opening, but Lasso wasn’t feeling it. It was not the right time.

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The meeting did not go unobserved. Wherever Jamie goes, fans follow, and it wasn’t long before the whole club saw photos of Tarrt and Lasso sharing a pint on Twitter. Sam Obisanya was the most shaken by Jamie’s possible return, leading him to act out at practice. When Lasso confronted him, Sam admitted he was distressed about the possibility of Jamie coming back. He told Ted working with Jamie was the worst experience of his career — no one made him feel as bad about his abilities than Tarrt. Lasso promised Sam he had nothing to fear, because Jamie wasn’t returning.

But the draw streak continued, with Richmond 0-0-8 for the season. Dr. Sharon told Ted something had to change, and he had to make that call. Lasso was going to have to upset the calm, lavender-scented apple cart of his locker room.

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Tarrt’s return to the field may have been inevitable, but it was still a shock to see him back in the Richmond kit. Sam’s face said it all, although his betrayed look wasn’t the only one on the field, as Dani, Isaac, and the rest realized their nightmare was back.

Keeley was also stunned to see her former boyfriend take the field. Her relationship with Roy Kent was currently running high, with her encouragement pushing him into the pundit’s seat and back around the game where he belonged. Will Jamie’s return come between them the same way it could come between Ted and his team?

Season 2 of Ted Lasso just got messier than the Lust Conquers All house. New episodes drop every Friday on Apple TV+.