Taylor Swift and Jake Owen

Jake Owen Addressed Those Rumors About Taylor Swift's “Sparks Fly”

He called the speculation “funny.”

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Jake Owen knows all too well about the fan theory behind Taylor Swift’s song “Sparks Fly.” Swifties think country singer Owen was the inspiration for the track, after Swift opened for him at a show in Portland, Oregon in 2006. She already revealed to fans that “Portland, OR” had something to do with the song’s inspiration, leaving it as a code in her original Speak Now album booklet. Still, Swift has never gotten any more specific about the song’s muse — and it sounds like Owen doesn’t know whether or not he played a role.

“It’s a great song and the speculation has always been funny to me,” Owen told People on July 12, confirming that he’s known about the rumor for years. “I’m sure Taylor probably laughs at it all too, but I’m happy to even have my name in the discussion around it,” he added. OK, so that sounds like he doesn’t totally buy the theory — but it also seems like he hasn’t discussed it with Swift, so who’s to say?

Owen continued, explaining that he has “known Taylor since she was 16.” According to him, “She’s an amazing girl and an amazing artist. It’s been incredible to see how she’s grown as a musician and what a global phenomenon she’s become.” (Swift’s most recent Eras Tour famously broke Ticketmaster.)

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In a resurfaced MySpace post from 2006, Swift wrote about opening for Owen in Portland, though she kept her words about the country singer completely platonic. “I got to walk in on his sound check and meet him. Turns out he’s extremely cool, and had bought my album on iTunes,” she wrote. “And since I had to leave after one song of his set, he played my favorite song ‘8 Second Ride’ first.”

Swift has kept the meaning behind the song — and its inspiration — up to interpretation. But Owen *does* have those hazel-green eyes, and Swift *does* sing, “Get me with those green eyes, baby / As the lights go down.”