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J Law Says How She Really Feels About BFF Amy Schumer's Body (Video)

As with any interview between two excessively charming people, Jennifer Lawrence's visit to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will make any viewer chuckle aloud as he or she eats Doritos alone at a computer at 10 am and longingly wonders what being part of the Amy Schumer/J Law friendship might be like.

Do they eat snacks for breakfast?

Do they watch “The Late Show” and softly giggle in an empty room?

Do they each think the other is absurdly attractive?

The answer (to the last question only, but maybe to all three) is yes.

Colbert asks “Joy” star Lawrence whether or not she is, as Schumer often suggests,

…the ideal, hottest version of [Amy Schumer] that she can think of.

Lawrence replies as anyone with the gift of sight would, saying,

She keeps writing this in our script and her sister and I are both like, 'You're not ugly enough and I'm not hot enough to pull these jokes off,' and she was like, 'I know I'm gorgeous, but I do it in standup and it works' … I'm like 'I don't think it makes sense.' She's got a sweet little ass, great tits.

Lawrence also shares her Kentucky accent with the audience and a precious story about barfing before an onscreen kiss.

Ah, yes. Jennifer Lawrence is all of us. All of us are Jennifer Lawrence.

Watch the full interview below to forget your troubles and continue living the charade of a gorgeous, blonde 25-year-old who is essentially a full-time coworker of Robert De Niro.

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