Yep, Jennifer Lawrence Fell On The Red Carpet Again Last Night (Video)

More like “The Girl on Impractical Footwear,” Right?! Anybody? No? OK.

The Hunger Games” quadrilogy -- though we all know it should have just been a trilogy since "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" sucked -- came to a close last night as the movie had its red carpet premier in Madrid.

World's best friend and infamous klutz Jennifer Lawrence didn't make it out of the premier unscathed, though, falling over her large dress and larger heels.

Stars hurting themselves! They're just like us!

Josh Hutcherson made sure J Law wouldn't forget her red carpet gaffe, jokingly trying to make her trip the rest of the night.

Stars being total jerks and never letting their friends forget times they could have seriously injured themselves in front of large groups of people! They're just like us!

Stars telling their costars, “NO! THIS ISN'T FUNNY! I COULD GET HURT! YOU'RE A MONSTER! LET ME LIVE MY LIFE!” They're just like us!

Oh, Jennifer! You beautiful, clumsy everygirl!

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