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Ivan Hall on Season 7 of ABC's 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Ivan & Alexa's Bachelor In Paradise Drama, Explained

Mind = blown.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

With Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise coming to a close, there’s not much time left to pack in the drama. And since the show is all about horny singles and heated convos, it checks out that there’d be a few final, fiery love triangles to stir things up before proposals. So, when Ivan Hall and Aaron Clancy got in a fight over Chelsea Vaughn, things got understandably messy. But it turns out, it was Ivan and Alexa Caves who really caused a stir on Bachelor in Paradise.

Up until now, Ivan wasn’t really a part of any BIP drama worth remembering — at least, nothing compared to the whole Brendan/Pieper catastrophe. But it turns out, there was actually a lot more to the random Week 6 love triangle drama than viewers originally thought. At first, it seemed like Ivan spoke with (then made out with) Chelsea, who was currently talking to Aaron. Dramatic, sure. But not “take up 20 minutes of the second-to-last episode of the season” dramatic. It turns out, though, Chelsea and Aaron weren’t the reason for all the Ivan attention — it was Alexa.

In case you’re like, “Wait, there’s no Alexa on Paradise,” you’re absolutely right. There was, however, an Alexa at the hotel where the BIP cast retreated to when they were evacuated during a storm during Week 6. Told ya it was dramatic!


Basically, Ivan had been hoping Alexa Caves (from Peter Weber’s Bachelor season) would make her way to the beach this season. So when the cast had to retreat to a different hotel during Week 6’s storm threat, he learned Alexa was staying there as well (presumably waiting to join the show later on in the season), Ivan decided to shoot his shot.

After learning what room Alexa was in (thanks to a little snooping on a producer’s phone, apparently), Ivan went to meet up with her, and the two chatted on the balcony for a while before “spending a few hours together,” per Ivan’s recollections. Ahead of the Week 7 Rose Ceremony, Wells Adams confronted Ivan about the situation before Ivan tearfully apologized to the bartender/host as well as the rest of the cast. Ivan then peaced TF out and Chelsea gave Aaron her rose at the ceremony.

While fans will have to keep refreshing their socials to see if Alexa and Ivan have something going on post-Paradise, tune in next week to see how the remaining Season 7 contestants fare when Bachelor in Paradise concludes Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.