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Brendan Apologized For The ‘BIP’ Drama Again & Wow

This goes way beyond the standard celebrity Notes app apology.

He’s in the hot seat. Brendan Morais released a seven-minute apology video on Instagram after he was accused of going on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise for all the wrong reasons. The TV personality, who left the show with his beloved Pieper James, was rumored to have already been in a relationship with her before the series started. Awkward! However, Morais said that that’s not the case and he absolutely did not go on Bachelor in Paradise as anything but a single man.

“Pieper and I were not in an exclusive relationship,” he explained in the video. “I absolutely went to Paradise [as] a single man. … As far as Pieper and I having this big, elaborate plan, I’m not the smartest person in the world, for sure, but I feel like it would have gone just a little bit better than it did if we had this plan. Of course, it went horrible in every way.”

When James arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, she instantly used her “date card” to have some one-on-one time with Morais. Some of her castmates thought that this was “fishy” because James didn’t want to talk to anyone else. When they confronted her and Morais about their intentions for being on the show, they learned the two had seen each other right before Morais left for Paradise and they might be on the series to solely gain more followers. However, in his apology video, Morais said that fame was not what they were after.

“If I wanted the max amount of followers, I would not have pursued Pieper or Natasha,” he explained. “I would have went after a girl with a million followers. … Everyone saying I’m there for TV and all that stuff is just ironic and silly, as they’re mic’d up and in an interview with a camera in their face saying that I’m there for TV, but fully understanding that they’re speaking to a camera that’s going to air their words on TV.”

Morais also took the time to apologize to Natasha Parker. Before James arrived on the island, he went on a few romantic dates with the Click Bait podcast co-host. However, their romance didn’t go anywhere because Parker said she felt like Morais was holding out for someone else and that’s why they weren’t so intimate. “Most importantly, I wanted to apologize to you, Natasha,” Morais said. “I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to lead you on. I truthfully and honestly enjoyed spending time with you.”

Morais’ apology video comes after he lost almost 90k followers on Instagram. James, who has been supporting him every step of the way, lost around 9,000 followers. In hopes of clearing up any future misunderstandings, Morais said he’s working on improving his communication skills because he feels like that might have been the cause for all his problems on the show.

“I just want everyone to know that I acknowledge where I went wrong and I need to continue to work on myself as a man and learn and try to be a better person,” he added. “I know that I’m a good person, I know I’m a good man, but I need to continue to grow and that’s that.”

Will Bachelor Nation give that apology a rose? Time will tell.