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 Are Brendan Morais and Pieper James still together? They're "working through things."

Where Do Brendan And Pieper Stand Now? Let’s Discuss


ABC/Craig Sjodin

Coming onto the Bachelor In Paradise beach, Brendan Morais and Pieper James had everything going for them. But leaving the beach, not so much. What started as an opportunity to gain more followers, experience a free vacation, and enter the world of sponsored Instagram posts (does FabFitFun ring any bells?) became the opposite. Not to mention, an exciting summer romance turned into something exhausting (TBH, I was tired just watching it). And now, months after filming wrapped, things are still up in the air for this duo.

ICYMI, Pieper and Brendan’s time on BIP went downhill fast. After it became clear that they only had eyes for each other (despite the fact that Brendan led on Natasha Parker for the weeks leading up to Pieper’s arrival), the other contestants confronted the couple about their intentions. And it, um, didn’t go well — at least, not for Brendan and Pieper.

In the exchange, they came across as the clear villains. Not only did Brendan refer to the group as “Joe and his mob of disgruntled females” (rude) in a confessional, he also called the confrontation a “pathetic attempt to intimidate” him. Pieper didn’t exactly mince words, either. In a private conversation with Brendan, she explained that she was “obviously excited for the future possibility of making more money, but I would have got [sic] there on my own... I have an entire, like, master’s degree in marketing, I think I can figure out how to get a few more followers.” Say it with me: Here. For. The. Right. Reasons.

The twosome ended up leaving the show soon after — no doubt eager to avoid more awkward clashes. Brendan made the announcement, explaining, “This environment, I guess, isn’t where we wanna be at this particular moment.” He added, “This is the girl I wanna be with... I wanna leave with her, and we’re gonna do that on our own terms. So, take care, guys.”

His words made it sound like they were in a pretty solid place. They even shared a car to leave the beach (a rarity in Bachelor Nation), but their exit definitely wasn’t a romantic drive off into the sunset — something Twitter took notice of right away.

Safe to say, it looks like their relationship outside Paradise started (or continued, if you believe they were exclusive pre-BIP) on the wrong foot. But where do they stand now? It’s complicated.

The day the Sept. 6 episode of Bachelor In Paradise (the episode where Pieper entered the beach and Brendan immediately ditched Natasha) aired, Brendan and Pieper were spotted out together in Boston. In a TikTok posted on Sept. 6, the two of them were filmed leaving a restaurant together. (It’s unclear what date the video was actually taken, but it was clearly during the daytime — so, before that night’s episode.)

Since then, they have not been spotted out together, but Pieper did say that she and Brendan were “working through things.” On Sept. 9, during an appearance at the PrettyLittleThing x Teyana Taylor New York Fashion Week Show, Pieper told Us Weekly, “This obviously isn’t something that’s super healthy for a relationship either, so it kind of is what it is. Every day, [we’re] taking it day by day.”

Not exactly sure where that leaves them (besides, this duo has a history of avoiding DTR, so there’s that), but if any fandom can sleuth out exactly what’s going on here, it’s Bachelor Nation. Stay tuned, folks.