Cole Powell in AHS Season 10

This AHS Newcomer Is About To Co-Star In The Sex And The City Reboot

He's also been on Broadway.

by Ani Bundel
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American Horror Story: Double Feature has left fans divided. Some fans loved the first half; the second half, not so much. But it seems no matter how viewers feel about the alien storyline in Season 10, the love story between Cal and Troy has been a highlight. It’s all too rare to see a genuinely functional and loving LGBTQ+ relationship in horror stories, and fans are very excited to learn more about the actors who play them. And for good reason: These facts about Isaac Cole Powell, who plays Troy, are proof the actor is poised to break big this year, first on AHS and then on HBO Max’s Sex and the City reboot.

AHS creator Ryan Murphy is the kind of producer who likes to work with the same people over and over. His American Story franchises are proof enough. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe have all returned again and again, not just to AHS, but also to other Murphy projects. But every season, Murphy adds new faces to the lineup, many of whom are pulled from Broadway musicals and live theater. For Season 10’s first half, “Red Tide,” Murphy’s big addition was Macaulay Culkin in the first significant TV role of his career. For the second half, “Death Valley,” Murphy added three new faces, the legendary Neal McDonough, This Is Us’ Rachel Hilson, and newcomer Isaac Cole Powell.

So, what should fans know about Powell? Here are a few fun facts:

1. Powell is the youngest of three kids.

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Born in North Carolina, Powell grew up doing theater. He attended Philip J. Weaver Academy, a performing arts high school, and graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2017. He then went directly to New York, where he was cast in several mid-level productions right off the bat.

2. His big break was in Once On This Island.

Once On This Island originally debuted in the 1990s on Broadway and then was revived in 2017. In the revival, Powell played Daniel Beauxhomme, the main love interest for the show’s leading lady, Ti Moune.

3. Powell played Tony in Broadway’s West Side Story.

The run of West Side Story’s big revival on Broadway was sadly cut short by the theatrical shutdown of 2020. But before that, Powell made a name for himself in the leading role of Tony. Sadly, the shutdown came before the show was eligible for consideration at the Tonys, but fans are pretty sure it won’t be Powell’s last shot at a lead role in the Great White Way.

4. His next major role is in And Just Like That...

While fans of Sex and the City are looking forward to seeing Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte once more, the show is also spotlighting the next generation. Fans have already seen Miranda’s son, Brady Hobbs, and Charlotte’s girls, Lily and Rose. But Powell will also be in the cast. According to Deadline, he’s landed the role of George, a student at FIT who is “unconstrained by fashion/gender norms.” The series arrives on HBO Max in December.

American Horror Story Season 10 is streaming on FX on Hulu.

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