Maya Vander from Selling Sunset

Wait, Is Maya Leaving Selling Sunset For Good?

Her farewell party seemed pretty final.


After years of living a bicoastal life, Maya Vander from Selling Sunset may have finally settled on just one coast. At the end of Season 5 of the hit Netflix reality series, the Oppenheim Group threw a party for Maya as she prepared for a move from Los Angeles to Miami. She never explicitly said that she’d be leaving Selling Sunset for good, but it sure seems like that might be the case.

During Season 5 of Selling Sunset, Maya explained that she was “very busy with work in Miami” and she’s spent the last few years flying back and forth between there and L.A. All that travel got to be a lot for Maya and her family, who are all based in Miami. She previously told Distractify, “In reality, the show has been successful, and I'm very happy and thankful to be part of it. I squeezed in five seasons, somehow, but flying back and forth... it's going to be extremely tough.”

She went on to say that she might do “cameos here and there” on Selling Sunset, but her main focus is now her life in Miami. Maya also told E! News that she’d likely step back from the series for Season 6, saying, “I'm probably not going to be a full-time cast member because it's going to be difficult for me logistically to do the back-and-forth again.”

During Selling Sunset Season 5, Maya seemed to see her move to Miami as a turning point in her life. “L.A. will always be home,” Maya said on camera. “It is, in a way, closing a chapter, and it’s bittersweet. But at the same time, I’m very excited to focus on really what’s important in life, which is my family.”

Maya might not be a regular on Selling Sunset in the future, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving real estate. In fact, her move to Miami gives her the opportunity to focus more on her Florida-based agency, the Maya Vander Group. Maya doesn’t necessarily want to leave reality TV, either. She told Distractify that she’s open to starring in a Selling Sunset Miami-based spinoff series.

“The real estate is so great and sexy [in Miami]. I would love to do something here. I think there is a tremendous amount of potential,” Maya said. “If I don’t have to hop on a flight for five hours back and forth in 48 hours, I would definitely do it.”

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is streaming on Netflix now.