Sophie and Jesse's kiss on 'How I Met Your Father' could mean Jesse's the father.

HIMYF Gave Fans The Kiss Everyone's Been Craving, And It May Confirm The Father

I mean, how can you not ship them?


Things are heating up in a major way on How I Met Your Father. In Episode 8, those “who is the father” theories took a massive shift as one of the characters seemed to cement himself as the only true option to be Sophie’s (Hilary Duff) soulmate. And honestly, it’s hard to imagine anyone else being revealed as the father now, but then again, with a second season already confirmed, there’s a lot more romantic ups and downs in store for Sophie. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for How I Met Your Father Season 1, Episode 8. So, is Jesse (Christopher Lowell) going to end up as the father on How I Met Your Father? He finally kissed Sophie, so their whole will-they-won’t-they vibe is finally over, and he’s been the obvious choice from the start.

Although Sophie had been dating Drew up through Episode 8, her chemistry with Jesse has always been undeniable. The two finally acted on their obvious sparks at the end of the March 1 episode, after Drew implied Sophie’s photography career was a pipe dream and she realized only Jesse truly saw and understood her. After eight episodes of flirting, Sophie and Jesse finally gave in and had a big, romantic kiss outside of Pemberton’s.


Jesse has very clearly felt like “the one” from the start of HIMYF, and this kiss means fans may finally see him together with Sophie. But there are still a few reasons to slow the roll on claiming for absolute certain that Jesse will be the father. The main one is How I Met Your Mother’s precedent: The original series strung fans along believing that obvious soulmates Ted and Robin would be the ultimate couple, but it threw a total curveball in the final season and introduced the eponymous mother as a brand-new character. Thankfully, a twist like that is less likely in HIMYF, since the narrating Sophie confirmed she met “the father” within the events that took place in the series premiere, but it’s hard to shake the betrayal of HIMYM’s bait-and-switch reveal.

The other wrinkle in the Sophie-Jesse romance is Meredith (Leighton Meester), Jesse’s singer-songwriter ex who is preparing to drop a hit song about him. Sophie doesn’t know much about Jesse’s relationship with Meredith, including the reason Meredith publicly dumped him, so you can pretty much rest assured Meredith will be revealing some new details about Jesse that may change how Sophie feels.

Despite all that, there’s no denying Sophie has more chemistry with Jesse than anyone else, so fans will have to see how their relationship develops as new episodes of How I Met Your Father drop each Tuesday on Hulu.