In an interview with 'Rolling Stone,' Harry Styles squashed the theory that he might be balding.

Harry Styles Said, No, He’s Not Bald

Case closed… for now.

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Well, this is an interesting theory. For several months now, an unexpected rumor about Harry Styles has circulated online: Is he balding? Or better yet, is he completely bald? This speculation has grown so large that the “Cinema” performer finally addressed it himself. And, let me tell you, his response may have just ended this hairy rumor.

On Aug. 24, Rolling Stone released a roundup of secrets about Styles that didn’t make it into their September cover story on the star, including his thoughts on the balding theory. Writer Brittany Spanos asked the singer about the rumor, and he first laughed it off before musing about baldness and family genetics.

“What is it with baldness?” he said in the interview. “It skips a generation or something, right? If your grandad’s bald then you’ll be bald? Well, my granddad wasn’t bald, so fingers crossed.”

Styles also noted that his frequent songwriting collaborator Tom Hull, better known as Kid Harpoon, first brought the rumor to his attention. “He’s completely obsessed with it,” Styles told Rolling Stone. “He won’t stop sending me messages about [people] trying to work out if I’m bald.”

Styles confirmed to Rolling Stone that he isn’t bald ends months of online theorizing. Rolling Stone reported the speculation started with DeuxMoi, an Instagram account known for anonymous, unverified celebrity gossip. In May, DeuxMoi shared an anonymous submission about a well-known male artist secretly wearing a hair piece on their Instagram Story. The submission’s subject line read, “Hidden Hollywood hairline.”

“This A list musician/ occasional actor has a dirty little secret he hasn’t shared with fans. Literally! He has gone almost completely bald. His hairpiece is so lifelike that only a good eye could pick it out, and that’s on a bad day. However! He doesn’t take it off and clean it enough,” the claim read.


The account later also added an original comment to the submission, asking followers to stop sending them emails about Machine Gun Kelly’s hairline. Shortly after this post, a person claiming to have sent the original submission debunked that it wasn’t about MGK. “I sent that email and it’s not about MGK!!!!,” they wrote.


Later in May, DeuxMoi posted another statement about the rumor. This time, another user theorized that the claim could be about Jared Leto; however, there has been no evidence attaching either Machine Gun Kelly or Leto to this theory.


It wasn’t until the balding claim made its way to TikTok that Styles’ name publicly came up. On July 7, TikTok user @abbi.henry detailed how the original DeuxMoi submission made her think of Styles, specifically his past comments about how he dresses when out in public.

“I’m not saying that it’s Harry, but I am saying that he did say when he goes out in public and doesn’t want to be spotted, it’s really easy to do,” @abbi.henry said in the video. As of Aug. 24, their video has received over 6 million views.

Turns out it likely isn’t Styles at all. With the singer telling Rolling Stone that he isn’t balding, it’s safe to put this rumor to rest. However, if and when the day that Styles does begin to bald, there’s no doubt he’ll look debonair doing it.