7 Burning Questions We Need Answered In 'Insecure' Season 2


Insecure, written by and starring Issa Rae, premiered on HBO in October 2016 and dropped us smack-dab in the middle of Issa and her boyfriend Lawrence, whose relationship is in serious trouble.

Throughout the eight-episode season, we see a couple, Issa and Lawrence, making major mistakes in their relationship. They are trying to put it back together again, while also attempting to fulfill themselves as individuals.

Issa is a teacher who raps as a hobby on the side. She's confused about whether or not she wants to keep waiting for her jobless boyfriend to get his life together, or run off to kick it with Daniel, who she considers to be "the one that got away."

Lawrence is actively trying to get his life together, but he's not balancing his job search, trips to the unemployment office, and his relationship so well. He even forgot Issa's freaking birthday, which is a major violation.

Aside from that, Issa is navigating her relationship with her best friend, Molly, and trying to excel at a work place where she is the only black woman and made aware of it every single day.

Throw in lots of raw humor and plenty of nearly too-real-for-TV moments, and you've got a dramatic sitcom that keeps fans reeling on Twitter.

Season 2 is on its way to heat up the rest of the summer, and there were some seriously open-ended moments that these new episodes have got to give us closure on.

Here are the questions that need answers in Insecure's Season 2.

1. How Did Lawrence End Up In Bed With Tasha?

OK, we all remember how, but I want to know the specific details leading up to the actual deed.

When did he get Tasha's phone number? It's not like the bank where she works is open after the strip club closes, and he could just stop by and pretend to deposit a check.

And was he all like, "Listen, I want to come over and throw you on your bed?"

And what happened the morning after? Tasha was cute and seemed really supportive of Lawrence, so it would be no surprise if he actually liked her, but he's still not entirely over Issa. That might not be a breakfast in bed kind of morning-after.

He had literally just called Issa and told her he missed her and wanted to talk earlier in the evening.

I'm curious to see how Lawrence and Tasha move forward after their heated night.

2. Will Molly And Jidenna's Character Have A "Closure" Conversation?

I certainly want them to, even though I fear Molly's professional suitor, played by the singer, Jidenna, was a one episode and done kind of role.

On the surface level, the guy telling Molly that he lied to her co-workers about being her boyfriend because he felt like she needed a "win" was harsh. That was seriously cold stuff.

But it was true. He felt like Molly was desperate and destitute because that's exactly how she acted. She hadn't known the guy a month before she was already inviting him as a plus one to important shindigs and asking about commitment.

They ended things with her telling him to leave her alone at the party, but I don't think Molly entirely got that he only did what he did to spare her feelings.

3. How Is The Enterprise Guy Going To Move Forward With Sexuality Talks Now?

This guy may not be Molly's one-and-done. Molly seemed to care more about Enterprise Guy, especially since she showed back up at his house after she'd turned him down because she couldn't deal with the fact that he engaged in a sexual encounter with a man before.

She seemed to like him a lot but let outside factors get in the way. At first, she dismissed him because he worked for Enterprise and didn't go to college. Then, she pulled back because of his sexuality.

Since it seemed like he hadn't discussed that sexual act with any other woman before, I wonder if her reaction to his admission will affect how he discusses his past sex life with future dating prospects. Hopefully, his experience with Molly doesn't hurt how open he is able to be with the next.

4. What Were The Five Years Like That Issa And Lawrence Shared?

Can we get a few more flashbacks please? Ones that have nothing to do with their ratty old couch?

Lots of viewers harped on Issa and Lawrence having been together for five years and him being without a job for the majority of the time. Issa's disengagement from the relationship was partially due to this strain. However, I'd like to know a little more about what it was like.

Was he entirely unemployed or skipping from job to job? How was he contributing to bills? Season 1 of Insecure drops us down in their relationship closer to the end, so we don't really get to see the toll it took on Issa firsthand.

A deeper understanding of those years might help viewers to see just how tired Issa really was of Lawrence's lack of ambition.

5. Will Daniel And Issa Have Another Real Conversation?

To be honest, I'm not sure whether or not Issa owes Daniel an apology. He was aware that she had a boyfriend, so the expectation that she would actually leave Lawrence after they had sex wasn't ever realistic.

Daniel also walked himself into a mess after he showed up to Issa's work gathering. She had already been dodging his calls, which is likely where her "wrong" comes in. Him trying to force her to see him or talk to him, though, was a recipe for disaster.

Issa's boyfriend, Lawrence, being there shouldn't have been a surprise to Daniel either, you know, since people normally invite their significant others to important events and things.

Still, I felt badly that Issa told Daniel he was "just an itch" she needed to scratch. She could have told him in a kinder tone that she had no plans to see a relationship through with him and let that be that.

Daniel and Issa clearly had feelings for each other, and I think her harsh words totally severed any chance they might have in the future. It certainly looked like he was over her and the whole mess during the clip in the Season 2 trailer.

 6. How Will Issa Continue To Navigate Microaggressions At Work?

One of the things I loved about Insecure was that the show didn't just bring us into the relationship between Issa and Lawrence. We also got to delve into the friendship between she and Molly and the relationship with the her non-black co-workers.

Some seriously irritating things were happening to Issa at work, particularly with her co-workers criticizing her plans behind her back and avoiding actual conversations with her because they were afraid of her "reaction." Read: The angry black woman stereotype strikes again!

I so want Issa to stand up for herself, particularly now that she has pulled off a huge event for her students that proves she is capable of adding value as an educator.

7. Will Molly And Issa Really Work Out Their Issues?

So I know Molly stepped in and drove Issa back from the girls trip early so she could meet Lawrence, and then let Issa cry on her lap once she arrived and realized he'd packed up and left. That's what besties do, even when they are mad.

But the hurtful argument they had at Issa's work event still has not been resolved. It is always the suckiest thing when people don't address their issues with each other and try to jump back to throwing back wine glasses like nothing happened.

That behavior pretty much guarantees that the issue will come up again. I want Molly and Issa to have some true girl talk about how they've judged, talked crap to, and mistreated each other.

Then, they can move on in their friendship.

Insecure Season 2 is sure to be full of more drama and plenty of hilarious moments. The show returns to HBO on Sunday, July 23.

Watch the full Season 2 trailer here: