The premiere of the 'iCarly' reboot explained why Sam was no longer in Carly and Freddy's lives.

The iCarly Reboot Had A Weirdly Perfect Explanation For Why Sam Left

It's VERY Sam.


After nearly a decade offline, iCarly has officially logged back in for more viral hijinks, but one main character isn’t returning to the iconic Seattle loft. Shortly after Paramount+ announced its reboot series, fans noticed Jennette McCurdy wasn’t listed as a cast member. A few months later, McCurdy revealed she had quit acting, confirming she wasn’t taking part in the reboot. Well, now the iCarly reboot has finally premiered, and its premiere episode included a perfect explanation for why Sam was out of the picture.

The follow-up series, which premiered on Thursday, June 17, sees Carly and her friends all grown up — now a bit more jaded in their mid-20s. In the age of the influencer, Carly reinvents her goofy web show into a social media sensation, with the help of her now-divorced cameraman Freddie, her now-wealthy older brother Spencer, and her hip new bestie Harper. Notably absent from the crew is Carly’s former partner in crime, Sam Puckett. As Carly and Freddie are preparing to relaunch iCarly in the reboot’s premiere episode, they mention why Sam is no longer in their lives.

Apparently, Sam is part of a biker gang called the Obliteraters these days. When Freddie worries if she’s OK among her rough-and-tumble new crown, Carly sums up why its the perfect life for Sam: “It's Sam. I hope they're OK.”


The explanation totally works even for casual iCarly fans, since Sam was always defined by her rebellious spirit and readiness to start a fight, but it’s even more perfect when you consider how the original iCarly series ended. In the iCarly finale “iGoodbye,” motorcycle-lover Sam helps Spencer restore a retro motorbike for a friend’s birthday. When the friend decides not to accept the bike after all, Spencer gives the restored vehicle to Sam. So basically, Sam’s biker gang life in the reboot is a direct continuation of where the original series left off with her character.

New episodes of the iCarly reboot drop Thursdays on Paramount+.