#IAmCait: Why Caitlyn Jenner's "Coming-Of-Age" Is Important for All Of Us

by Sina Stieding

While the world discussed whether Caitlyn Jenner deserved to be called a hero or not, I decided to watch "I Am Cait" with a minimal amount of expectation and prejudice.

Being an LGBTQ advocate, I didn’t have to worry about being shocked by what I'd see or feel uncomfortable about some of the issues being discussed.

All I had to worry about was the possibility I might not understand.

I have never struggled with my gender, and I have never met anyone who has, at least not publicly.

However, following Caitlyn Jenner’s story makes me realize her struggle is far more common than we expect.

Being confused about one’s gender identity is not the only way children, adults or even senior personalities, such as Jenner, can feel alienated from society.

We might not all be able to fully comprehend a man’s 65-year struggle with wanting to be a woman, but we all understand struggle, vying for people’s acceptance and trying to get to know ourselves.

The central themes of “I Am Cait” are relevant to anyone.

Heterosexual artists, gay housewives and religious strippers itlinn all watch Caitlyn Jenner’s struggle and draw conclusions that are relevant for themselves.

1. Be yourself

Who would have thought Kanye West would have a fundamental TV moment that hits the nail on the head?

Kanye rightly identified that our lives are directed by perceptions, and our generation has been groundbreaking in freeing ourselves from them.

Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t the only person hiding something. We all hide small or large parts of our personalities because we are afraid of the reactions our true selves would receive.

Generation-Y is flooded with individuals who have not figured themselves out.

While most people can answer the question, “Am I a boy or a girl?” other questions remain unanswered. And each is as vital for understanding our identity as the previous one.

Basic questions such as, “What am I going to do with my life?” depress people every day.

Despite being 65 years old, Caitlyn Jenner has an edge on these people, for having figured it out and accepting who she truly is.

Watching Caitlyn Jenner be herself, and her family and friends testifying how great it is to finally see her happy, should encourage all of us to leave our masks behind in order to find fulfillment.

If wearing bright orange suits makes you happy, why not do it? If publicly proclaiming your undying love for somebody four times your age does, why not shout it from the rooftops?

Our generation is the most accepting one there’s ever been, and if there’s a good time to be yourself, it is now.

2. F*ck them haters

Oh wow, Kanye was on a roll last night. In his shining moment on the show, he applauded Caitlyn for saying “F*ck everybody, this is who I am.”

Kanye seems to be good at doing that himself, but not all of us are.

Transgender individuals aren't the only people who face backlash over staying true to themselves.

Being true to myself means being annoying, obnoxious and loud at times, and not everybody is a fan of that.

One day, I had to decide whether I wanted to accept the perceptions people had of me, or if I wanted to not give a damn and be myself.

Caitlyn Jenner is not the only person who is being discriminated against. On smaller and bigger scales, we have all received hate for simply being who we are.

From being called names to being accused of just seeking attention, Caitlyn Jenner’s heard it all. At the end of the day, however, she took Kanye’s advice, said, “F*ck it!” and did whatever felt best for her.

Some people might hate, but most people are inspired by her story. There’s no Caitlyn Jenner without criticism, and without Caitlyn Jenner, there would be less encouragement.

We all have haters, but we all have admirers, too. It’s simply a matter of what camp we want to listen to.

3. There’s always a way

To hear from Caitlyn Jenner that she has been plagued by suicidal thoughts throughout her life portrays her as what she really is: a human being.

Aside the fact that she is transgender woman, a celebrity and a father of six children, she has had moments of weakness in which she thought ending her life would be the ultimate solution to all of her problems.

Most people in this world can relate to the feeling of powerlessness, when death suddenly appears as an option.

Everybody else’s life usually seems so much easier.

We can often catch ourselves admiring people like Bruce Jenner for his success and fortune.

But little did we know, behind those eyes lied a pain that had him question whether or not he wanted to be alive.

As Caitlyn rightly pointed out in “I Am Cait,” however, “Suicide is a very permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all chosen to disagree with it in our darkest hours.

If Caitlyn Jenner isn’t a testament that it’s never too late for acceptance and change, then I don’t know who is.

Of course, a transgender youth who does not receive love for the person he or she is will be reluctant to believe it.

But one day, 50 years ago, that person struggling to accept himself was Bruce Jenner.

It took Caitlyn Jenner 65 years to have the courage to be true to herself and release the sentiments inside of her. For most of our problems, solutions are much easier and faster to achieved.

It is normal to feel like life is getting too tough, and sometimes, comparing our lives to others hurts and does not help. Caitlyn Jenner been there, too.

And look at that hot mama now. She's on top of the world, as happy as she can be.