May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly and Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant

How Many Personalities Does Moon Knight Have? Let's Discuss

Things are getting more confusing.

by Ani Bundel
Gabor Kotschy/©Marvel Studios

At first blush, Disney+’s Moon Knight didn’t look to have much in common with the comics. Instead of introducing American former Marine Marc Spector as the superhero’s alter ego, it introduced Steven Grant, a nebbish British gift shop clerk. But as the show has unfolded, fans realize the show may have more in common with the comics than it appears, considering how many personalities Moon Knight seems to have.

Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3 follow. By the end of Episode 1, it was clear Steven Grant wasn’t the only one riding around in that head of his. There were at least two other voices: Marc and Khonshu. The former is Marc Spector, the character everyone was expecting to meet. The latter is the Egyptian god of the moon who declared Marc (and now Steven) his avatar on Earth.

This follows the comics, though a later version of them. Initially, Spector believed Khonshu had resurrected him after he was shot just outside an Egyptian temple dedicated to the god of the moon in the middle of a mercenary raid. He took on a Batman-like vigilante role and created alternate personas to do his work. They included New York billionaire playboy Steven Grant, taxicab driver Jake Lockley, and a suited consultant named Mr. Knight.

Csaba Akney/©Marvel Studios

On the show, Grant is accounted for, although his persona is drastically altered. So is the suited Mr. Knight. In Episode 2, fans learned are two versions of the “Moon Knight” persona, the original caped crusader version from the comics as Marc’s version and the suited polite “Mr. Knight” version for Steven.

But it wasn’t until Episode 3 that fans realized Jake might be there too. After two episodes of seeing things from Steven’s POV, in which he assumes every blackout is Marc taking over, fans saw things from Marc’s POV. And some of his blackouts, which result in horrific acts he does not remember committing, are not the work of the gentle, nerdy Grant. That means there’s someone else in there doing the work, and it’s not Khonshu, who does not get his hands dirty.

He has not been formally introduced, but fans are convinced the third unaccounted-for person is Jake. He’s a dangerous man who blends in well with other underground baddies. Though Spector takes on the Jake identity to gather intel in the comics, it’s always understood that those around him know he’s not someone to cross.

Whether or not Episode 4 will introduce Jake by name remains to be seen, but fans are convinced there is at least one more character in there for Oscar Isaac to play.

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