The 'Yellowjackets' creators revealed they think the show will run for five seasons.

The Yellowjackets Creators Revealed Exactly When They Want The Show To End

They don’t want to “drag things out forever.”

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Your favorite twisty drama has an expiration date. Ahead of Yellowjackets’ second season, its creators revealed that they are only planning for the show to continue for a few more seasons, and they got real about why it can’t go on too long. Here’s how long Yellowjackets is likely to last, so you can make sure to savor every new episodes as it drops.

The first season of Yellowjackets was jam-packed with shocking twists, from weird supernatural mysteries to unexpected character fake-outs to super-trippy revelations. While all the drama is delicious, it’s not a show that can reasonably go on forever. The split-timeline structure would eventually fall apart since the teenagers’ time in the woods would have to come to an end at some point. Co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson recognized that, and revealed they see the show ending after Season 5.

“The original plan was about five seasons, and we feel like we’re still on track for that,” Lyle told Entertainment Weekly on March 2. “We don’t really see this as being more than a five-season show.”

She went on to describe why she doesn’t want to “drag things out” with this story. “I think that there are shows that can go forever, but I think that when you’re telling such a deeply serialized story and it’s about these characters’ lives, you want to reach a satisfying conclusion and not just drag things out forever,” Lyle said. “This isn’t really one of those setup shows where it can go anywhere. So far, we’ve been really on track.”


Nickerson added that although the plot is advancing in line with Lyle and his five-season plan, they are still finding some opportunities to make changes as they arise. “In terms of some of the major places that we wanted to land or move the story to, that is happening, but a lot of the dynamics and what it means to the characters are different than I necessarily thought they would be,” Nickerson said. “Some of the major sign posts are still happening, they’re just happening in different ways, which I kind of feel like is perfect for keeping the experience alive and vital on our side. We take a lot of excitement from the discovery portion.”

Yellowjackets Season 2 will premiere on Showtime on March 24.

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