This Is Probably How That Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Apology Video Really Went Down

by Gillian Fuller

By now, you've probably seen that painfully awkward Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard hostage apology video (If you haven't, watch it. NOW).

As expected, the Internet has already responded to the 30-second clip in various ways, but the best reaction has to be YouTuber communitychannel's hilarious parody.

In the video, a woman holds up cue cards, pointing to the text with a (fake) gun. Between each shot, the camera pans back to Depp and Heard, who recite their lines looking like hostages under the grip of a murderous psychopath.

Obviously, it's just a huge joke making fun of how terrified the beautiful couple looked in the video, but I have to say — it's pretty damn spot on.

Watch the silly parody above and see more from communitychannel here.