‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Will Finally Focus On Claire And It’s About Time


There's a new Underwood in charge. The shocking end to Season 5 of House of Cards places Claire Underwood front and center as the new main character in place of her husband, Frank, who has been running the show for the whole run of the series up to this point.

It seems blatantly obvious Season 6 is going to finally be Claire Underwood's time to fully shine. Sure, she's had her standout moments in the past, but now that the First Lady-turned-VP-turned-President has firmly taken a stand against Frank, next season promises to be her breakout year.


And judging from how Season 5 ended, Claire is done just being a player in Frank's game; she's taking it over.

All signs seem to point to Claire being the new protagonist and narrator next season, as she finally breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience for the first time — a move that was solely reserved for Frank up until this point.

In the last moments of the season finale, now-President Claire neglects to pardon her husband Frank for the crimes he has confessed to, rebuffing his offer to continue working together with her in office and him in the private sector. As her phone rings incessantly with Frank's angry calls, Claire ignores him and looks into the camera, laying out what has already been made clear to the viewers in 2 words:

My turn.

Though House of Cards hasn't been picked up for a sixth season yet, it seems like a pretty safe bet Netflix is going to pick up its breakout political series, especially given the increased amount of attention it's getting this year following the election of Donald Trump.

The streaming service may be on a strange cancellation kick recently — cutting both The Get Down and Sense8 in early seasons — but we can rest easy assuming we'll finally be seeing a season of House of Cards from Claire's cool and merciless perspective.


And although the spotlight is shifting to Claire for a new season, it looks like Frank is going to be stepping up his game as well. The murderous former President vows to kill Claire if she doesn't pardon him in the finale, a threat that we all know he has no problem following through on. And Claire also showed she has no trouble killing when she disposed of her sidepiece Tom Yates this season.

Things are about to get bloody.