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Hocus Pocus 2's Post-Credits Scene May Hint Another Sequel Is Coming

Make sure you stick around to watch it!

by Ani Bundel
Matt Kennedy © 2022 Disney Enterprises, Inc

Warning: Big spoilers for Hocus Pocus 2 follow. When the original Hocus Pocus landed in theaters in the summer of 1993, it was a box office flop. However, over time, it became a cult classic, which is why its sequel has so much hype 29 years later. The new film is a pitch-perfect blend of nostalgia and silliness, which fans love. And that’s not all — Hocus Pocus 2’s post-credits scene hints this won’t be the final installment in the Sanderson sisters’ story.

The first Hocus Pocus adventure that brought back the Sanderson sisters for a night of Halloween drama was an accident — kids playing around without knowing the consequences. On the other hand, the Sanderson sisters’ return in Hocus Pocus 2 was quite deliberate. Gilbert, the man who sold Becca and Izzy the black flame candle knew precisely what he was doing; he’s a Sanderson devotee, taking over their house, keeping all of their belongings, like Book, intact. Gilbert had been watching Izzy and Becca, waiting for the opportunity to put that candle in their hands to light it and bring the witches back.

It was not his most brilliant move. The Sanderson sisters weren’t grateful; they weren’t interested in being besties with him. Instead, they put a spell on him and forced him to do their bidding while Winnie conspired to perform Magica Maxima, the spell to make her all-powerful. Unfortunately, she did not read the warning before casting it, and the spell took away that what she held most dear: her sisters. Alone and bereft, Winnie gave up her powers to Becca and her friends, and Becca cast a spell to send Winnie to go be with her sisters.

Matt Kennedy © 2022 Disney Enterprises, Inc

It seemed the Sandersons were gone for good this time. Winnie’s spells even started undoing themselves, allowing Billy Butcherson to rest. Gilbert also seemed to have learned his lesson, promising Billy to spread the truth about his relationship with Winnie and agreeing with Becca, “No more candles.”

However, Gilbert still seemed a little shifty. And the movie’s post-credits scene, which comes at the 1:43 mark, revealed why. As Gilbert’s cat, Cobweb, wandered through the empty Sanderson house, he jumped up to a shelf in the back room and started rubbing against a wooden crate — the crate’s label read “2567” and “BF Candle #2.”

The meaning of “BF Candle” is pretty clear to fans after the shenanigans just went down. “BF” most likely stands for “Black Flame,” and “#2” answers the question of whether Gilbert had backups. (So much for “no more candles.”)

As for “2567,” that’s a little more obscure, though fans will note it’s part of the postal code for the area of Massachusetts where the Salem Witch Trials took place (Danvers, formerly known as Salem Village). However, that’s just one guess as to what is number means; it could also be something fans haven’t guessed yet.

So, will Gilbert keep that candle locked away so the Sandersons do not return? And even if he does, could some new unsuspecting innocent accidentally find the box and light the candle, bringing the sisters back for another round of mischief? Only time (or magic) will tell...

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