Heidi Klum's 29-Year-Old BF Has Been With Hot Cougars Since His Teens

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, look happier than ever.

The 42-year-old German supermodel and her 29-year-old boyfriend were recently spotted on a beach in Italy, where they allegedly celebrated Schnabel's birthday.

Klum, who has been dating Schnabel since last February, took to Instagram to wish her boo a happy birthday, writing,

I love you my V, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Even though he's her first younger catch — she was married to Seal for several years and dated bodyguard Martin Kristen after their divorce — she's not his first cougar girlfriend.

When he was 21 years old, Schnabel reportedly dated Elle Macpherson.

At 23, he allegedly dated Liv Tyler, and at 26 years old, Demi Moore was apparently his girlfriend.

According to family friend Nemo Librizzi, Schnabel's way with the older ladies can be attributed to his maturity.

Back in 2014, Librizzi told The New York Post,

I remember older women liking him when he was as young as 13, because he could carry on a conversation. He was precocious and elegant. Younger women get weeded out because they can't hold their own in a conversation with him. It's not that he's directing his attention exclusively to older women.

Schnabel, an artist and the son of famed director Julian Schnabel, even dated a woman 12 years his senior while he was still in high school.

Librizzi thinks Schnabel's way with the ladies can be linked to his family life.

Vito Schnabel only dates SUPER HOT women at least 10 yrs older than him http://t.co/JxaBn5AP28 pic.twitter.com/svJ1PuW8uJ — Heidi Turpin (@HEIDI_VIRUS) October 3, 2014

He grew up around strong, independent women, including his mother and two sisters.

He says Vito has "a real old-fashioned chivalry."

He adds, "[Schnabel] always had a way of treating women like royalty."

Even Jay Z, who he's been friends with since he was in high school, reportedly admires Schnabel.

He's currently happy with Heidi Klum...

...but has been linked to lots of hot older women in the past.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:

This kid has serious game.

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