Kate Winslet is returning to HBO with a new adapted series 'Trust'

Kate Winslet's New HBO Series Is Bringing As Much Drama As Mare Of Easttown

In Mare We Trust.

by Ani Bundel
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Kate Winslet has teamed up twice with HBO, both with fantastic results. The first HBO project she starred in, Mildred Pierce, netted her an Emmy. The second, Mare of Easttown, turned into a phenomenon, spawning memes about Winslet’s character, Mare Sheehan, from her accent to her love of hoagies and WaWa. Now, HBO and Kate Winslet are teaming up for Trust, which sadly won’t bring Mare back, but will include more fun American accents. Like Mare of Easttown, this is a pet project Winslet hand-selected to be a part of. She’ll not only star in the new series, but executive-produce it as well.

Based on the recently-released novel of the same name by Hernan Diaz, the story is about a book within a book: Bonds, a tell-all fictionalized biography of wealthy financial mogul Benjamin Rask, is the hit bestseller of 1937. However, when Andrew Bevel, the real man Rask is based on, reads the account of his life (and especially the account of his wife, Helen, the daughter of eccentric aristocrats), he does not like the story it tells. Rask insists on setting the record straight and hires his secretary, Ida Partenza, to ghostwrite his autobiography for him.

But Bevel’s account of his life may not be any more real than the one already on bookshelves. Here’s what we know about the adaptation coming to HBO.

Trust Cast

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So far, with the project just announced, Kate Winslet is the only confirmed cast member. She’ll take on the role of “Helen,” the daughter of eccentric aristocrats. According to the book-within-a-book, Bonds, Helen winds up committed to an institution following a nervous breakdown brought on by the Great Depression.

The roles of Rask, Bevel, and Ida will be announced closer to the start of filming.

Trust Filming Updates

Filming for Trust will not start anytime soon. Winslet is already booked to star in Lee, a biopic of fashion-photographer-turned-correspondent Lee Miller, where she’ll star opposite Jude Law. Filming for that project is expected to run over the summer of 2022, so there’s no chance Trust will get rolling until much later this year.

Trust Plot

With author Diaz on board to co-executive produce the project alongside Winslet, it seems likely the next series will follow the book's plot pretty faithfully. Here’s the current synopsis according to Deadline:

The book is about a wealthy financier who is dissatisfied by a novel based on his life and his wife’s portrayal, so he asks a secretary to ghostwrite his memoir and set the record straight. The secretary, however, grows uncomfortably aware that he is rewriting history—and his wife’s place in it. Told in four different voices and genres, Trust is a narrative puzzle that subverts the notion of truth and who gets to define it.

Trust Release Date Predictions

With filming most likely not getting underway until late 2022 at the earliest, HBO will probably slot Trust for its 2023 to 2024 TV slate.