The Voice Of Over 20 Iconic Characters From 'The Simpsons' Is Leaving

Bad news, fans of  "The Simpsons." Harry Shearer is leaving the show after 26 seasons.

Shearer was one of the most prolific voice actors on the longest-running American sitcom.

He voiced Mr. Burns, Smithers, Principal Skinner, Otto and Ned Flanders, just to name a few.

But due to a contract dispute, Shearer will no longer be providing the voices for these iconic characters.

In the past, Shearer had been able to do acting work outside of "The Simpsons."

However, now it seems the producers of the show refused to allow him to pursue other opportunities while he worked on "The Simpsons."

This is what led to Shearer's departure prior to the 27th and 28th seasons of the show.

Thankfully, Shearer's characters will not be killed off. A new voice actor or actors will just take his place as the program moves forward.

Still, this is a major blow for the citizens of Springfield.

Shearer tweeted about this dispute.

from James L. Brooks' lawyer: "show will go on, Harry will not be part of it, wish him the best.". (1/2) — Harry Shearer (@theharryshearer) May 14, 2015
This because I wanted what we've always had: the freedom to do other work. Of course, I wish him the very best. (2/2) — Harry Shearer (@theharryshearer) May 14, 2015

And he was grateful to all the fans of the show.

Thanks, Simpsons fans, for your support. — Harry Shearer (@theharryshearer) May 14, 2015

Al Jean, the showrunner of "The Simpsons," assured fans the show will continue.

.@thesimpsons #everysimpsonsever The show will go on, made by people who love it and see in it the most wonderful vehicle for satire ever. — Al Jean (@AlJean) May 14, 2015

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