This 'Harry Potter'-Themed Bar Is A Must For Wizards And Muggles Alike (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

Toronto's newest bar is nothing short of magical.

The Lockhart Bar, which opened last week, is the world's first "Harry Potter"-themed watering hole. Named after Professor Lockhart, the narcissistic wizard who worked as Hogwarts' Defense Against The Dark Arts professor in “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets,” the pub is a playful homage to JK Rowling's beloved series.

Though not officially sanctioned by Rowling — you'll notice its website makes no mention of Harry Potter, probably for legal reasons — everything, from the drinks to the decor, is inspired by the acclaimed series.

Designed to emulate an apothecary, the pub boasts countless hidden "Harry Potter" references for customers to uncover — and according to the owners, some are so obscure, they'll give anyone who can identify them a free drink.

Mischief, managed.

The "Harry Potter" references are most obvious in the bar's decor.

A mural on the wall depicts a majestic deer (Harry's patronus)…

While tchotchkes around the restaurant, like Harry Potter bobble heads and well-placed books, add playful touches to the themed bar's vibe.

The drink menu offers various “potions and elixirs”…

Including The Lockhart Caesar and the Shacklebolt cocktail.

A neon bar sign on the wall reads, “All was well.”

Any discerning "Potter" fan will recognize those as the final three words in the series.

But despite all of the "Harry Potter" references and playful decor…

Don't think The Lockhart is strictly for die-hard witches and wizards.

All are welcome, and the curated food and drink menus will please even the grumpiest Slytherin.

So next time you're in Toronto, stop by and enjoy a Befuddlement Beer.

Head to The Lockhart's website for more info.

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