35 'Hey Girl' Memes In Honor Of Ryan Gosling's 35th Birthday (Photos)

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images


From being the world's sexiest man to making you bawl your eyes out in "The Notebook," Ryan Gosling is a national treasure both on and off screen.

Because Ryan is so perfect, "Hey Girl" memes were started in his honor and have taken over the world.

Here are 35 of the best ones in honor of his 35th birthday. HBD RYAN, YOU'RE THE BEST.

1. For when you're craving comfort and caffeine:

2. For when you're tired and just want to stay in:

3. For when you don't have time to do the little things:

4. For when you're having a hard week:

5. For when you're single AF and hating it:

6. For when you're dreading those early mornings:

7. For when you're not even half-way through the week:

8. For when you're in the mood to buy things:

9. For when you're working out:

10. For when it's Monday and you can't function:

11. For when your muscles are aching: https://instagram.com/p/9xQOSvyryU/

12. For when you're in the mood to help others:

13. For when it's your time of the month:

14. For when you get your nails done:

15. For when you just need a reason to stare at Ryan:

16. For when you've been eyeing that new handbag:


17. For when you're feeling ambitious:

18. For when you just want to cook and cuddle:

19. For when you're feeling extra creative:

20. For when you want a work-out buddy:

21. For when you're feeling lazy:

22. For when you just want to relax:

23. For when you end up shopping in Target, AGAIN:

24. For when you're feeling organized:

25. For when it's a rainy day:

26. For when you're buying makeup:

27. For when you're doing your nails:

28. For when you have the munchies:

29. For when you're in the mood to sing your heart out:


30. For when the weather's a little chilly:

31. For when wanna rock an updo:

32. For when you just need some encouragement:

33. For when you're feeling extra healthy:

34. For when you need some serious motivation:

35. For when it's Ryan Gosling's 35th birthday:

HBD RYAN. As a bonus, here's a video of him reading some memes. ARE YOU DEAD YET?