If You Want To Hang Out With Scott Disick, This Is What You Have To Do

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Ladies, can we make a pact right now to never, ever associate with Scott Disick, on account of the whole him-being-a-terrible-person thing?

That goes for the fellas, too. But, it's the ladies Kourtney Kardashian's ex apparently forces to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Page Six reports Scott is leaving Kourtney to take care of the kids and spring-breaking with college kids in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He's bringing women back to his place, but they don't step through the door before signing NDAs and turning over their smartphones so they can't take pictures.

To the ladies Scott tries to bring back to his place, I say: IT'S NOT WORTH IT! Love yourselves. For real. Do NOT sign legal documents and give up your phones for this assh*le. I know you're young, and he's famous, but those NDAs should be warning signs right off the bat.

To Scott Disick, I say: Dude, go home. Sober up, take care of your three kids with Kourt and stop messing around with college girls. If you're making 20-year-olds sign NDAs, there is something very wrong with your life.

And to Kourtney, I say: Godspeed, girl. Godspeed.

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