Scene from the Season 5, Episode 9 promo of The Handmaid's Tale, featuring June, Luke, and Tuello

The Promo For The Handmaid's Tale's Next Episode Teases "Bloodshed"

Serena Joy's going to experience some violence, too.


Warning: Spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, Episode 8 follow. The Oct. 26 episode of The Handmaid’s Tale ended on one of the most positive notes fans of the show have ever seen. Mark Tuello revealed the U.S. government-in-exile had located June and Luke’s daughter, Hannah, and they were conducting an airstrike to retrieve Hannah and other girls stolen from their families. However, the promo for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, Episode 9 hints things won’t go as smoothly as viewers might hope.

June and Luke may have ended Episode 8 jumping up and down and cheering, but it looks like the Nov. 2 episode will be much more somber. The promo for the episode is basically all doom and gloom. It opens with Tuello telling June and Luke that the task force will fly into Gilead and “kill anyone who gets in their way” — which, yes, sound promising for the parents of the kids the task force is setting out to rescue. But it’s also ominous AF.

So far, it’s unclear when the airstrike actually happens or whether it’s successful. But regardless of what happens, it promises to be a harrowing time. The rest of the promo shows June and Luke in various states of distress, with June at one point being on the phone saying, “I cannot make Gilead look like the victim.” In what looks to be the same phone call (but could be something else), Commander Lawrence says, “I was trying to avoid all this bloodshed.” IDK what all that’s about, but yeesh, it doesn’t sound good.

Meanwhile, Serena is back at the Wheelers’ home, acting in all but title as a handmaid — even to the point of taking a slap from the lady of the house. However, it’s possible she won’t be in that position for long. A short clip from the promo shows Serena running in front of a car, baby in her arms. It appears she’s trying to stop traffic, possibly in an attempt to escape her captors, but the video cuts away before it’s revealed what happens next.

Fans will have to wait to see the outcome when The Handmaid’s Tale releases its penultimate episode of Season 5 on Nov. 2 on Hulu.