The 'Hamilton' Cast's Tribute To Prince Will Give You All The Feels


To the kind soul who snuck a video of "Hamilton" cast's tribute to Prince at last night's performance: You're the real hero.

While tickets to the hit Broadway show remain out of reach for most of us, a clip of the cast memorializing the late artist is up online for the world to see.

In it, the "Hamilton" playwright/composer/lyricist/star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, can be heard reading a verse from Prince's “Let's Go Crazy.”

He recited,

With a final, “Rest in peace, Prince,” Miranda joined the cast behind him in a celebratory dance while the band played the song's chorus.

This whole thing makes me want to watch a live, staged version of “Purple Rain,” but I'll keep my expectations in check and be thankful for this clip in the meantime.

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