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Fans Are Really Upset With Gwen Stefani Over Her April Fools' Instagram Post

It's pretty common for celebrities to post jokes and pranks on April Fools' Day.

It can be a fun way for them to mess with their family, friends and fans since the media believes anything.

But, what happens when the jokes are taken too far?

Gwen Stefani is currently facing backlash for an April Fools' post she put up this morning.

The singer uploaded an ultrasound to Instagram and captioned the photo,

It's a girl.

Stefani's current relationship with Blake Shelton is very much in the public eye, so perhaps this was her way of poking fun at the media's obsession.

However, fans left comments on the Instagram sharing their frustrations with the post.

If it was a prank, many believe it was insensitive to women who have trouble getting pregnant, had miscarriages or cannot conceive.

One user commented,

'I'm pregnant!' April Fools Day jokes are insulting and offensive to those that have miscarried or deal with infertility. It is hurtful. It is cruel. And it is insensitive to the nearly 7 million women in America alone who struggle with infertility daily.

Another said,

I hope this is true.. Pregnancy is not a joke to those who suffer with not being able to have a child.

But, some users defended Gwen.

One user explained,

Don't speak for others. I've seen plenty of comments from women who have experienced loss and/or infertility, that were not offended.

Gwen has not commented on the post yet, so as of now, it's only an assumption the singer was joking.

Whether the photo is real or not, it looks like people aren't happy about Gwen's announcement.

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