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This Guy Actually Made An Ad Looking For A Date To A Taylor Swift Show (Video)

It's hard to move to a new city.

This isn't exactly a controversial statement I'm making here, but finding a new place is tough, getting used to the city's roads are tough and, hell, even hunting down a new Denny's you feel comfortable in enough to call your “home Denny's” can be near impossible tasks.

Probably the hardest thing to do, though, is find a new set of friends, specifically ones with common interests.

Just ask Marius Larsen.

The Norwegian transplant who recently moved to Sydney may be culturally adjusting to life down unda just fine, but he claims thus far he hasn't found a fellow Starbucks lover with the same affinity for Taylor Swift as him.

Armed with desperation and a pair of tickets to an upcoming Swift concert, Larsen made a friend-date personal ad hoping to find a partner to scoop up that second ticket… AND IT KINDA WORKED!

Larsen says he had people respond to him, though he hasn't made a concrete decision as to whom he wants to bring.

If he doesn't choose a fellow Swifty to accompany him from the batch who applied, Larsen says he will take one of his Norwegian colleagues, though he told Mashable “it would be a defeat" if he did that.

You can apply to go to the concert with Marius on his Facebook page, or, like, just approach a lonely crying Norwegian man living in Australia if you see one. There is a solid chance that's him.

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