Jackson Avery in Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Is Back In The Latest Grey's Anatomy Promo

He came back for us, baby.


In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, no one’s ever really gone for good. I mean, we all saw McDreamy’s reappearance on Meredith’s dream beach years after his untimely passing. And for characters who are still alive, this is even more so the case. Take, for example, Dr. Jackson Avery, who left Grey Sloan Memorial in 2021, only for him to show back up and be the main focus of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 5 promo.

This isn’t the first time actor Jesse Williams has returned to Grey’s since his character, Jackson, left Seattle for Boston in Season 17, Episode 15. Jackson returned to Grey’s a few more times throughout Season 17, and then again for the show’s 400th episode, aka the Season 18 finale, when he and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) appeared basically to confirm to fans that they are, in fact, endgame when they shared a sacred elevator kiss.

Now, he’s returning once more. This time, it looks like Meredith is going to meet him in his new city of Boston. And it looks like the ambitious former plastic surgeon is going to help Meredith pursue her goal of curing Alzheimer’s.

At least, that’s how it sounds in the promo and synopsis for the episode, which is titled, "When I Get To The Border":

Bailey and Addison take a road trip to volunteer at a family planning center, but a patient’s ectopic pregnancy leads to complications. Elsewhere, the interns play detective about Lucas’ relationship with Amelia, and Meredith catches up with Jackson on a trip to Boston

Not only is Williams returning to guest-star in the episode, but he’s also directing it. This will be his fourth time directing a Grey’s episode, following Season 14's "Fight For Your Mind," Season 15's "What I Did For Love," and Season 16's "Save the Last Dance for Me."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Drew will accompany Williams as his onscreen love interest, April, in the new ep. According to Deadline, April is not in Season 19, Episode 5. However, Jackson’s mom, Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen), will make an appearance alongside Tom Koracick (Greg Germann). It’s like a mini Grey’s reunion episode — you absolutely love to see it.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 airs new episodes Thursdays on ABC.