the cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' season 19

Grey's Anatomy Is Doing A Halloween Ep & The Promo Is Spooky AF

Trauma training tends to be, well, traumatic.


Hospitals and Halloween kind of go hand in hand. Blood and gore make for festive decorations during Halloween, and hospitals are full of all that. So it makes perfect sense that Grey’s Anatomy is doing a Halloween episode. The Season 19, Episode 4 promo shows that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is for a very spooky night.

The new batch of interns is diving right into their medical education a Grey Sloan. After their little stint in sex education with the help of Dr. Addison Montgomery, now they're moving on to trauma training with Dr. Owen Hunt, which seems very appropriate for Halloween — especially the way Hunt is teaching them. “Every year Dr. Hunt runs a trauma training session on dummies,” Meredith tells the interns in the promo. “But tonight...”

Dr. Nick Marsh jumps in to reveal: “Fresh tissue cadaver,” as the interns stare wide-eyed at an actual cadaver on the table. “Happy Halloween!” Meredith adds.

But the interns’ crash course in trauma isn’t the only spooky part of the Grey’s Anatomy Episode 4 promo. “You know how this night is for cardio,” Dr. Maggie Pierce reminds everyone. “A lot of jump scares, and a lot of heart attacks.” You can check out the full promo below.

While the interns struggle to manage their trauma training, the other surgeons at the hospital handle some other emergencies. The promo takes a possibly dark turn toward the end when Link and Jo seem to witness someone about to take a life-threatening leap from the roof of the hospital while they’re assisting someone else. It’s a truly scary moment that raises the stakes of what looks like an already high-stakes episode.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes, and now that Bailey is working at the hospital again, she’s also bringing the holiday spirit. Bailey’s a bonafide Star Wars nerd, and it looks like this Halloween she’s decked out in her best Princess Leia-inspired look. It’s just another way Halloween is going to be very festive on Grey’s Anatomy this year.

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