Meredith on the beach in "Greys Anatomy' from Season 17

Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Is Coming To Netflix SO Soon

Your marathon is about to begin.


Fans were met with disappointment in 2020 when the Season 17 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy was pushed back several months following significant production delays related to the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the season was thankfully worth the wait. And now, viewers will soon be able to stream the latest episodes. For those who’ve yet to watch the newest season, or for super fans wanting to relive their favorite moments, there’s good news: Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 is heading to Netflix ASAP.

Instead of its usual September premiere date, the first episode of Season 17 didn’t air until mid-November, with the season finale airing early June. But the coronavirus pandemic didn’t only alter Season 17’s schedule, it also cut Season 16 short by four episodes. Luckily, it looks like fans can finally look forward to a return to normalcy. Netflix usually streams the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy one month after the season finale airs, as seen in previous years. And this year is no exception as Season 17 is set to drop on Netflix on Saturday, July 3.

But before jumping into the latest season, fans may want a quick refresher on Season 16. In typical Grey’s Anatomy style, the season was an emotional roller coaster and covered a ton of ground, including Bailey’s heartbreaking miscarriage, Teddy’s canceled wedding, and a love triangle between Meredith, Cormac, and Andrew. The season also saw the departure of the longtime character Alex Karev after Justin Chambers’ exit, a storyline most viewers were not satisfied with.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

But Season 17 should make up for that as fans have plenty to look forward to, including the return of a former beloved cast member, plus the arrival of Covid-19 at Grey Sloan, among other storylines. The latest season also features Meredith on the beach. A lot.

While some fans were convinced Grey’s Anatomy would end with Season 17, ABC has renewed the drama for Season 18. And although the show won’t return until sometime in the fall of 2021, viewers can stream Season 17 (or you know, rewatch the entire series for the millionth time) on Netflix in the meantime.