'GOT' Season 7 Episode 5 Photos Show No Sign Of Jaime Lannister, So Start Worrying

by Ani Bundel

HBO may be keeping things on lockdown* when it comes to Game of Thrones due to the ongoing hacker leak of information, but some things are eternal. If it's Wednesday, then it must be "new batch of images" day for the upcoming episode. This week's Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5 (entitled "Eastwatch") gives us eight photos to pore over and search for clues for next week's installment, especially since, once again, we are without any sort of synopsis.

(*Guys, I miss the terse, unhelpful, and usually unintentionally funny synopsis that HBO would put out. Remember last year's "The North Is Reminded" for Season 6 Episode 7? That stuff was comedy gold. Please HBO, have a heart, bring 'em back.)

What we do know about the upcoming episode is from the trailer. That includes Dany standing over the survivors of the Loot Train attack demanding they bend the knee, and Jon Snow standing over the Chamber of the Painted Table, announcing Bran had seen visions of the Night King's impending arrival at the far end of the Wall, at the garrison known as "Eastwatch-By-The-Sea" in the novels, which has apparently been simplified down to "Eastwatch" for television purposes.

Let's check out what the new images tell us.

Dany Demands Knee Bends


This is from the scene we saw int he trailer, as Dany tells those who bend the knee they will be spared. Quick note: Considering Tyrion's reputation as "The Evil Imp" in Westeros who was power-mad and killed Joffrey and Tywin, is having him there such a great look?

Tyrion Guilt Ridden


The first picture that has me concerned about the lack of Jaime Lannister. Tyrion looks incredibly emotional here. Like he's suddenly wondering if he backed the wrong horse, or if he's done something he can't forgive himself for.

Varys Advises


Tyrion chooses to drink in odd spots, like empty Throne Room corners. Varys is apparently joining him. I wonder what he's advising now?

Jon and Dany Pose


This image looks so stilted. It needs more dragons.

Jon and His Cloak Take a Walk


At least this is a nice action shot, of both Jon and his glorious cloak. Sansa did such a great job making that.

Varys Looks Concerned


Considering we saw him giving council to Tyrion earlier, this sour face on Varys is concerning. Is his advice being ignored?

Sam and Gilly Discuss Over Books


Some discuss over dinner. Sam and Gilly discuss life decisions over books. Happy Book Lovers Day.

Cersei Alone Again, Naturally


The other image that has me worried for Jaime's fate. Cersei looks so alone here. Without Jaime, she'll never listen to any sort of reason again.