The 'Gossip Girl' series finale post-credits scene sets up a Season 3 that will never be.

Yes, There's A Post-Credits Scene In The Gossip Girl Finale

No, you don't really need to watch it.


The Gossip Girl reboot had one last secret to let out after the credits played on its final episode. PSA: Don’t close out of HBO Max once the screen goes black at the end of the series finale. Or actually, you can if you want. Since the show was suddenly cancelled a week ahead of Season 2’s end, the Gossip Girl Season 2 finale post-credits scene sets up future events that will never actually happen.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Gossip Girl’s series finale. Although the Season 2 finale wasn’t planned to wrap up the entire series, it actually functioned pretty well as a farewell to the reboot. Kate was outed as Gossip Girl at long last, bringing the show’s central tension to an abrupt end, and most of the main characters got satisfying ending to their arcs. In fact, the feeble attempts to tease a third season fell totally flat.

Julien’s sudden interest in her mother’s history and Zoya’s new crush just weren’t enough to garner any real excitement for a third season. But the biggest Season 3 set-up came after the end credits rolled, as one final scene played between Aki’s Rupert Murdoch-inspired father Roger and Kate’s closest GG accomplice, Jordan. The exchange laid out a bigger, more global reach for Gossip Girl in a potential third season, as Roger explained his plan to turn the IG account into its own interactive app, where anyone could post as much salacious gossip as they wanted. With Kate out of the picture, Jordan would step up to help Roger establish this new Gossip Girl. Although he seemed hesitant to go to the dark side in the cliffhanger scene, it seems clear the show’s writers were planning on Jordan taking up the GG mantle if another season got picked up.


But, because of the cancellation, this would-be-cliffhanger landed with an impotent thud. And honestly, it’s not even important to watch it. The finale could have ended right after Kate got caught and it would have been the perfect series finale. So, don’t worry if you turned off the ep as the credits began rolling — you didn’t miss much.