The 'Gossip Girl' Season 1, Part 2 trailer is full of steamy hookups.

The Gossip Girl Season 1, Part 2 Trailer Teases Thanksgiving Drama

And many unexpected hookups.


Nobody does Thanksgiving like Gossip Girl — that was true back in the day when the OG series made the holiday iconic, and it’s just as true today, because HBO Max’s reboot is serving up some steamy hookups and heated drama along with the turkey this year. After a months-long hiatus, HBO revealed when the new Gossip Girl will continue its debut season by dropping a scandalous trailer on Nov. 10. Get ready for a holiday like none other, because the Gossip Girl Season 1, Part 2 trailer not only reveals its premiere date, but also several totally unexpected hookups.

After premiering back in July, HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot went on hiatus after its sixth episode aired on Aug. 12. Now, after three months away, GG is making her epic comeback just in time for the show’s most iconic celebration: Thanksgiving. Anyone who watched the original Gossip Girl knows all the juiciest drama always went down at Thanksgiving dinner, so it only makes sense that the second half of Season 1 will premiere on Thursday, Nov. 25, which is Thanksgiving Day.

HBO Max announced the premiere date with a dramatic new trailer, teasing that the new episodes will see Julien get cancelled and Gossip Girl will become much bigger than Kate expected. The real focus of the teaser is all of the new hookups, though. Following the events of Episode 6, it’s not a big surprise that Julien and Obie are making out and that Aki and Audrey are in full threesome mode with Max, but in true GG fashion, it doesn’t look like those couples (or throuples) will stay together for long.

The trailer shows Zoya kissing Obie once again, which is sure to ignite another sisterly feud with Julien. Even more scandalous: Audrey is shown kissing a new man, and Aki is making out with a different new guy as well. It looks like both of their interests are about to grow beyond just Max soon enough. Speaking of Max, he’s shown seducing a new woman, while also still dealing with Rafa’s escalating threats. Oh, and we can’t forget about Monet vowing her revenge on Julien!

It all goes down when Part 2 of Gossip Girl Season 1 premieres on HBO Max on Nov. 25.