'Gilmore Girls' Filmed 'Several Reactions' To Last Four Words

Fans have been waiting for years to hear what the intended last four words of "Gilmore Girls" were and after the Netflix revival "A Year In The Life," PEOPLE LOST THEIR MINDS.

Will there be more episodes? Will there be a movie? You can't just leave us with those last four words!

Lauren Graham told Ryan Seacrest in an interview on Tuesday that they did a number of reactions to those four last words.


More like you've been Gil-WARNED.

Lorelai Gilmore herself said that she and Alexis Bledel, who plays her daughter Rory, filmed a number of reactions to Rory revealing that she's pregnant.

This revelation at the end of the last episode of "A Year In The Life" drew the following reaction from my dad who binge-watched it with me:


Allow me to set the scene.

After Lorelai eloped with Luke (Scott Patterson), she and her daughter sat at a gazebo, and Rory tells her mother that she's pregnant.

Lorelai gasps and that's it.

Cue credits. The end.


But apparently the onscreen mother and daughter shot "several reactions" to the news.

She described the scene that made the cut, saying,

The reaction I gave, I would say, is a 50-50 mix of surprise and total joy.

She's not even mad at the cliffhanger. She added,

I love the idea that even if you're frustrated, your imagination can take over. I was so happy with what we did, and it was just an incredible experience, but I, too, was surprised by the end.

On the "Today" show, Graham admits she didn't know the final four words even while she was filming the revival. She said,

I did not know the four words until halfway through filming this duration of the series, and I too was [like], 'Huh, really? Huh?' It makes sense in terms of the journey of the show, but I can understand it poses a question as well.

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