New 'Gilmore Girls' Photos May Tell Us Luke And Lorelai's Relationship Status


Where these pictures lead, I will follow anywhere that they tell me to.

If you're anything like me, you're just waiting for "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" to hit Netflix, just like Lorelai eagerly yearns for Luke's big... cup of coffee. What? What did you think I was going to say?!

Naturally, each and every photo that surfaces from the set of the new show, which premieres on November 25, is giving Stars Hollow fans a new lease on life.

On top of that, these new pictures are giving us more to gossip about than Miss Patty could ever provide.

First of all, not only are we seeing a reappearance by one of my "GG" favorites Lane Kim, but her mom, the totalitarian with a heart of gold, Mrs. Kim is back as well.


I sincerely hope she's mellowed out by now.

Speaking of mellow, are those hot cocoas accompanied with some marshmallows or coffees that Rory and Lorelai are downing in this picture?


Who am I kidding? These two are always drinking the brown nectar of the Gilmore gods. Seriously, how do they drink this much coffee and not have daily heart attacks?

Also, looks like this uncle-nephew pair are still butting heads. I mean, come on. What else is new?


Newsflash: Luke and Jess are the same fucking person.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for.

While we've all been subtly suspecting that Jess and Rory might have a thing in the upcoming Netflix series (although please, America's definitely on Team Dean for life), we've also been wondering whether or not Luke and Lorelai might be rekindling their own flames.

Well, here's a little more fuel to add to those rumors.


Luke? Inside the home of Emily Gilmore with Lorelai and Rory? What?

Please tell me Lorelai and Luke managed to keep their on again, off again romance going. God, if Lorelai get backs with Christopher, I'm going to lose it.

Wearing a plaid shirt and a backwards trucker hat literally 24/7? Classic Luke. He's my true hero.

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