The Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Gigi Hadid And Zayn's Vogue Shoot Is Sexy AF

If you want to watch Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik make out and love each other while you cry yourself to sleep tonight, keep watching.

For their Vogue cover shoot, the couple went to Italy to take the most beautiful, intimate photos of all time. They seriously look like models. OK, well, Gigi is a model, so I guess that makes sense.

But DAMN, Zayn is lookin' good, too. Couple goals, yo.

In the video, watch Zayn and Gigi stare into each other's eyes, hold each other and be the most perfect pair in existence. You will be sobbing after two seconds, I promise.

Oh, and I hope you have your air conditioner turned on because this video is steamy AF. Like, wow, I'm sweating.

Happy Friday, everyone. Someone get me a glass of water and some vodka.

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