Gigi Hadid Reveals 9 Very Personal Details In A Bikini For Sports Illustrated


In an interview for Sports Illustrated, Gigi Hadid bared it all in every sense of the word by answering personal questions while wearing a collection of gorgeous bikinis.

During the rapid-fire Q and A, Hadid revealed many details about her personal life, one of which had to do with body parts spilling out of certain types of clothing.

Keep reading for the best questions Sports Illustrated had for Gigi Hadid and her funny, honest answers.

When she's in a swimsuit, she's afraid this will pop out... https://instagram.com/p/BESCkoPjCUN/embed/

"My boobies."

Without a doubt, her favorite type of meat is... https://instagram.com/p/BBaO6D-jCbc/embed/


Is she a dog person or a cat person? https://instagram.com/p/BDLlnayDCSw/embed/


She would never, ever wear a bathing suit made out of... https://instagram.com/p/_7E-8HjCYF/embed/


People know her for having an amazing... https://instagram.com/p/BBVs_zHjCf5/embed/


If she had to choose just one, her spirit animal would be... https://instagram.com/p/BDzRmCojCV8/embed/

"A horse."

One time, she found sand in her... https://instagram.com/p/BByrFysDCQy/embed/


Describing her first kiss, she says it was... https://instagram.com/p/BE8pJeWjCW2/embed/

"With braces on."

If she could have an edible swimsuit, it would be made out of... https://instagram.com/p/BEowrryDCaj/embed/


You heard it hear first, folks. This chick really, really likes bacon.

Watch the video above to get Sports Illustrated's full interview with Gigi Hadid and an eye-full of her... brain.