Imperfect Match
Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel on Netflix's 'The Perfect Match'

Georgia Weighs In On Dom’s Perfect Match S2 Villain Arc

She said what she said!

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati won Perfect Match Season 1 together — but there was nothing perfect about their match. Shortly following the show, the couple split and Hassarati started dating Harry Jowsey, leading to some serious post-show drama. And apparently, things are still rocky. Gabriel had somewhat of a villain arc when he went back on Perfect Match for Season 2, and Hassarati has *thoughts*.

ICYMI, Season 2 contestant Tolú Ekundare matched with Gabriel after a successful blind date. But soon after, things went a different direction, with Ekundare feeling that Gabriel was putting no effort into their connection, and was exploring other options instead. (In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Gabriel explained, “It's called Perfect Match. It's not called Loyalty Island.”)

During filming, Ekundare claimed Gabriel was in his “villain era” and has maintained her stance on the sitch in post-show interviews... and Hassarati is here for all the shade.

“You know what’s funny? I actually even feel like he got an even cleaner cut than it was in real life,” Ekundare said during a June 13 episode of The Viall Files. “It was worse. It was 10 times worse in real life.”


Ekundare added, “There was a running joke in the house while I was matched with Dom. They’re like, ‘Dom totally hates you so much.’” (Ekundare made it clear that she did not find this joke funny in the slightest.)

When Nick Viall, the podcast host, labeled Gabriel as an “emo secret f*ckboy” — someone who tries to be openly emotional but is actually still just messing around — Ekundare agreed completely. “I just feel like you read him like a book, “she confirmed. “That is him 100%.”

Per Ekundare, Gabriel fosters a certain persona on social media as a feminist who is comfortable enough in his masculinity to wear more femme clothing. “When you meet him in real life, it’s like, ‘You are nothing like this online persona that you give off,’” she added.

Hassarati could not agree more with Ekundare’s assessment. “Amennnnnnnn 🙏🙏🙏 go tulu [sic] you tell them.” Tea.