George Clooney Rescued This Adorable Mutt From New Jersey Hoarders

An adorable mutt named Nate now has a loving home, thanks to George Clooney.

The New York Post reports, Clooney adopted the scruffy 3-year-old dog for his parents, Nick and Nina, after finding him through the LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nate had been living in a New Jersey hoarder's home and was close to starving when LuvFurMutts rescued him. Between a birth defect and bad leg, the rescue service had a hard time finding a home for Nate, as stated in a Facebook post,

When we took Nate to adoption events, people would stare and kids would point... The lowest point came when an adopter cried when she met him and said she would be depressed the rest of her life if she had to look at him every day.

Is your heart breaking yet?

Clooney's parents took Nate in with open arms when he arrived on their doorstep Christmas Eve. After losing their last terrier of 10 years, they were ready for a new fur baby.

LuvFurMutts said in a post,

It's truly a fairy-tale ending for Prince Nate . . . or should we say . . . a perfect Hollywood movie ending!

Now we finally know the trick to getting George Clooney's attention: All you've got to do is be a lovable terrier mix with a rough upbringing.

Watch the video that made Clooney's mom fall in love below.

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