Still of Gary from a 'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 16

We Need To Talk About Gary's A Million Little Things Cliffhanger

Gary, WYD?!

ABC/Jack Rowand

After a tumultuous season, A Million Little Things Season 3 has come to an end. The finale included multiple revelations, like Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) dropping a bombshell on her family and Eddie (David Giuntoli) receiving a shocking phone call. But arguably, the biggest cliffhanger of the episode involved Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) guitar teacher, Peter (Andrew Leeds).

In the last moments of the episode, Gary pounded Peter’s door and violently placed a bag over his head before taking Peter back inside. The scene cut off before viewers could see what happens next, but judging by the look on Gary’s face, it’s not good for Peter...

Although the moment was shocking, it didn’t come out of nowhere, as Gary’s frustration was clearly building throughout the season finale. The episode started off with Gary having an epiphany about his relationships with the help of his ex, Maggie (Allison Miller). Gary realized the reason he puts his friends’ happiness before his own tied back to the abandonment issues he has from his childhood. This revelation allowed Gary to agree to move an hour away with his girlfriend, Darcy (Floriana Lima), and her son, even though he had originally promised Eddie he’d live with him so he could supervise Eddie’s visits with Theo (Tristan Byon). But Gary’s dream of building a family with Darcy was crushed when she revealed she doesn’t want to have any more kids.

On top of all that, Gary was already enraged when the police department told Sophie there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest Peter for sexually assaulting her. He later took out all his frustration out on Delilah when the two friends got into a major fight, a first for the duo who are usually on good terms.

ABC/Jack Rowand

So, by the end of the episode, when Gary stopped by his dad’s house and asked him to be his alibi for a mysterious reason, viewers were wary about whatever he was about to do — and, as they soon found out, they were right to be worried. What makes the situation even sadder is that at the exact moment Gary was attacking Peter, Darcy left a voicemail on his cell phone saying she actually does want to have kids with him.

Viewers will have to wait until next season to see how things unravel for Gary, but he’s not the only member of the group going through a rough time. In the finale, Regina (Christina Moses) decided to close her restaurant because her concussion made it difficult for her to work and multitask like she used to. And while the episode finally showed Eddie and Katherine (Grace Park) in a better place — both agreed to a joint custody arrangement for co-parenting Theo — things got complicated when Eddie received a phone call from a woman claiming she’s the one who caused his injury back in the Season 2 finale.

Plus, Delilah’s return home from France was anything but welcoming. When Danny overheard her saying she wants to move the family to France permanently so they can heal from Jon’s (Ron Livingston) death, both Danny and Sophie refused to go and accused Delilah of running away. That, coupled with her fight with Gary, left Delilah in a super fragile state, along with pretty much everyone else on the show.

Season 4 already looks like it’s going to be one bumpy ride.