A promotional photo of the 'A Million Little Things' cast.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Is Premiering SO Soon

The first promo is here.

by Abby Monteil and Ani Bundel
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A Million Little Things is officially coming back for more. After Season 3 left off on a massive cliffhanger, it’s a relief knowing the ABC family drama still has plenty of life left in it. So, while you wait to catch up with Eddie (David Giuntoli), Rome (Romany Malco), Maggie (Allison Miller), and the rest of the gang, you’re going to want to stay in the know on all the details about A Million Little Things Season 4.

Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 3 follow. The final scene of A Million Little Things Season 3 was a shocker, to put it lightly. The season ended as Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) lured Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) abuser Peter (Andrew Leeds) onto his porch before throwing a bag over his head and dragging him inside his own house. Whether or not Gary will truly go through with hurting (or, like, killing) the guy is unclear, but it’s easily one of the most surprising twists in A Million Little Things history.

Luckily, the show is coming back bigger than ever before: In an interview with Deadline, series creator D.J. Nash revealed Season 4 will have a whopping 20 episodes. “There’s no question we have enough [in us] to do 20 incredible episodes this season,” he said.

Here’s what else we know about Season 4 so far:

A Million Little Things Season 4 Trailer

On Aug. 31, ABC released the first promo for A Million Little Things’ new season. The teaser didn’t give much away when it comes to the show’s major cliffhangers, instead focusing on the good feelings and emotional connections between the characters. Considering the shocking events of Season 3, it might feel a little incongruous, but A Million Little Things has always sold itself on its soothing friendship and the loyalty and love between the characters, and despite how some things are going, it seems that part won’t change.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Cast


It’s unlikely the show’s core cast will change in Season 4, but hopefully Delilah will be around more next season. Because actor Stephanie Szostak wasn’t able to leave her family in New York and film the series in Vancouver due to COVID quarantine restrictions, Delilah was mostly absent from Season 3. But her character appeared in the season finale, so hopefully fans will see a lot more of her in Season 4.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Plot


Since Season 3 ended on such a big cliffhanger, it seems likely Season 4 will pick up right after Gary attacked Peter. Eddie also received a call from a woman claiming to be the driver who hit him in the Season 2 finale, so hopefully he gets answers on that front. Meanwhile, Delilah will certainly keep pondering whether she wants to move her kids back to France, Regina (Christina Moses) will deal with the closure of her restaurant, Rome will continue helping his foster son Tyrell (Adam Swain) in the wake of his mother’s deportation, and Katherine (Grace Park) and Eddie will attempt to share custody of Theo (Tristan Byon).

A Million Little Things Season 4 Release Date

A Million Little Things Season 3 was delayed until November 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, but with Hollywood having adjusted to the new normal, the series is heading back to the usual September release date for Season 4. The new season will arrive Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and stream the next day on Hulu.

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